When Corporations Rule the World

When Corporations Rule the World - David C. Korten, Danny Glover This book should be made a text book (not the only one of course!) for all students of Economics, Politics and Journalism.4.5 starts from me.There were parts of the book which i do not agree with, and then there were parts which i did not completely understand. Requires a re-read i think. But most of the book is very readable, with analogies from popular culture to explain complicated topics. David Korten presents a lot of facts before proceeding to make his arguments. Whatever disposition you are of, capitalist, monopolist, communist or a freeloader (there are freeloaders on both left and right, just saying), you must read this book and reevaluate your position. I feel book is so very relevant to the times we are in now. The development model the World Bank and IMF are forcing down the throats of Asian and African countries is simply unsustainable. There is a huge human as well as ecological price that has already been paid, and there is still no sign of any wisdom gained.I read this book in 2007-08 and could easily relate some of the arguments presented by David C Korten with the Lehman Brothers in the US and the similar scandals that came to light soon after and the sub-prime crisis that started the recession, which show no signs of abating in 2013.