Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged - Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand No, i do not hate this book. I am not the kind to hate books. I am disturbed by some books, but never hate any book, in fact i picked this one up again after a whole year of laying it aside after reading half of it (exactly until the meeting of the two main protagonists), knowing fully well i will not enjoy reading it, precisely to deconstruct it in my mind.Before i started this lengthy tome, i was astonished by the sheer number of famous people(mostly from the film industry) interviewed by magazines invariably mentioned this as their favorite book. Which added to my anticipation. After reading it, i am certain of one thing. None of them would have actually finished this, if at all they started it.Not only i disagreed with Ayn Rand's intelligently, and in my opinion, because it is so near in spelling to Objectivity and so completely opposite in meaning, incorrectly named philosophy of Objectivism, I also found Ayn Rand's writing style dull and monotonous. I took two years to complete it. For someone who reads a 50 pages of non-fiction a day, mostly on Economy and Politics, that is telling.Even while i was reading the book, i had a feeling that the author cannot be serious about some of the ideas she tries to force down the readers throat. It was eventually confirmed. There is no need to go into specifics. But the hypocrisy has to be factored in while rating a book that is being trumpeted as a paradigm changer for the good of the world.One thing constantly bugged me while reading, what business has Roark telling other people which kind of houses/buildings they are supposed to be living in? If he is charging them for designing for them, his personal preferences have to take a back seat. Or is the so called Objectivism not applicable to his clients?! Ah..don't worry, that's the least ridiculous thing about this book.